+18 Years Experienced as MEP Contractor in Cambodia

CE&P CORPORATION Ltd, it’s a multifaceted Engineering & Construction company has been in the field for over 18 years and have diversified into a total turnkey MEP engineering solution providing in design, construction, and maintenance services. The company has experienced with a wide diverse range of sectors which includes: Infrastructure, Industrial Plants & Factories, Banks,Office Building, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, and Resorts & Recreation.

Our Mission

To use value engineering, effective working method and obsessed working team with enthusiastic working environment. 

To implement strictly ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001.

Our Vision

To be the preferred contractor of choice with durable competitive advantage. 

To be a company that good employees are proud to work with.

Our Core Values

The CE&P Way defines the core values we collectively uphold to achieve our mission and fulfill our purpose.

Best Quality of Works

We are Committed to all our Client to give our very best to deliver our works at the stage of excellence and standards.

Customer Satisfaction

We are always open for any changes that may uplift our performance in order for us to give a satisfaction to our client. Happy Client equals to Excellent Business.

Growth Every Year

We always Aiming to Be the Best and Number One in the market which we are strived hard to get at least 30% increase of our revenue from our previous year.

Care For All Employees

Giving the very BEST Benefits to all our Employees is our main Goal. As they are always at the center of everything we do, we cannot achieved success without the help of our employees.

Organization Chart

Understand the CE&P Way and visualize our company’s internal structure with roles, responsibilities, and relationships.


General Manager

“Our clients are the living examples of our success, and client happiness has always been our main priority. Our corporate structure is flexible and advanced, and we welcome change at all times. Our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technical understanding are our greatest assets.


Operation Manager

“It is our duty to conduct business in a transparent and moral way that advances our objectives for client service, community involvement, environmental performance, financial stability, and employee health, safety, and wellbeing”


Admin & Finance Manager

“For almost two decades, CE&P has offered construction solutions to Cambodian market, optimizing the value for our clients. We have experienced constant development, long-term prosperity, and difficult periods over a long period of time”


Business Development Manager

“Our actions are guided by our core principles of integrity, teamwork, and dedication. These values allow us to give our customers a better-quality product, a new level of service, increased reliability and ultimately the best value.”